If I can cook good food, anyone can..!!


I had never cooked anything till I got my first job which was in an Indian Government organisation as an engineer/assistant manager. I used to be engrossed more in my studies. I myself started learning cooking after I achieved my basic goal of a govt service. I worked in various oil n gas refinery MNC’s as well for around 9 years before realizing that my family n my kids need me more than my office peoplešŸ˜‰, so left my professional job and joined the job of taking care of my family for full time.I learnt cooking from my mother and from various websites. My husband is my dishes’ biggest critic and I thank him for that, as I improved my cooking skills a lot because of him. My brother, who is a CA and a food blogger too, has helped me a lot with the perfect recipes to look for online and has added his helpful comments too. My younger sister helps me by providing precious ‘Ayurvedic’ inputs followed in cooking like ‘Virudhha Ahara’. In this blog site of mine I have penned down my experiences and successful experiments with cooking. I have written the recipes keeping in mind even the minutest of the details for a naive person like me to be able to understand and cook easily. This website acts as my own reference too for repetitive cooking. I hope others too will enjoy getting useful info from my blogs.
You may visit my travel blog on https://ghoomindia.wordpress.com/

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