A short video of Eggless royal icing: https://youtu.be/z0A5yx7jyKs

The royal icing can be used to decorate Christmas cookies. Make sure to prepare 2 icing bags for each colour of icing, one for piping the periphery of the cookies having smaller hole and the other for filling the inner surface having larger hole.

Ingredients: (for 700g cookies or 40 cookies of avg size 3″)
Icing sugar – 1.25 cup
Water – 3 tbsp
Vanilla essence – a few drops
Food colour (of your choice)

– Just mix the icing sugar with water, taking 1 tbsp water at a time thereby keeping an eye on the consistency of the icing.
– Add vanilla essence.
– Divide the royal icing into desired number of colours, fill them in the icing bags and decorate your Christmas cookies.

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