A short video of Cream free fruit cream: https://youtu.be/ybTmd2BTSAg

This recipe is a super healthy & delicious alternative to the traditional fruit cream recipe. In this recipe, curd replaces cream which makes the recipe almost fat free and even more delicious than the traditional one.

Few things to keep in mind:
*It takes atleast 8 hours to separate out whey from normal curd for the preparation of hung curd.
*For a rough idea, after whey separation 25% of the curd is left as hung curd i.e. to get 1 cup of hung curd you need to take 4 cups of normal curd. This percentage may vary depending on the quality of normal curd.
*You may add any seasonal fruit, dry fruits, tutti frutti etc of our choice to this recipe.
*Always use powdered sugar in this recipe.
*Never mix powdered sugar to your hung curd in a mixer grinder as sugar will release its moisture when churned in grinder resulting in a too runny hung curd thereby ruining the whole recipe.

Hung curd – 1 cup
Powdered sugar – 1/2 cup
Seasonal fruits – 2 cup(chopped)
Dry fruits – 4 tbsp (shredded pistachios, almonds, cashew, raisins etc)
Tutti frutti – 1 tbsp

*Mix powdered sugar to hung curd thoroughly using spatula.
*Add chopped fruits, dry fruits, tutti frutti etc to the sweetened hung curd.
*Your healthier version of fruit cream is ready to be relished.

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