Detailed recipe video

Homemade modelling chocolate is a tastier vegetarian alternative to fondant.
This video elaborates the tips n tricks used to make perfect modelling chocolate which can be stretched easily and is workable enough to make any kind of model.
The modelling chocolate behaves similar to modelling clay.
it can stay at room temperature for months or even years covered well in a cling foil in an air tight container..keep the models prepared with it at room temperature only but nicely covered with a cling foil so as to avoid them drying out.

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Link for various products used:

*Corn syrup
*Compound chocolate
*Gel food colours
*Silicon mixing spatula
*whipping cream powder
*pineapple slices
*pineapple essence
*cake turn table
*offset spatula for icing
*icing smoother
*cling wrap
*Cake base board