Few things to keep in mind before starting:

  • This pickle is a seasonal one, can be easily prepared during summers when raw mangoes are in abundance and can be stored for many years to come, if and only if you get the right guidance for its preparation.
  • With extensive guidance from my mother, I have managed to achieve perfection in preparing pickles. I have tried my level best to pen down all my mother’s tips in this blog.
  • Always choose round shaped big sized ‘Ramkela’ variety of raw mangoes for this pickle.
  • While preparing pickles, always make sure to keep every single thing (including ingredients, all the utensils, jars, your hands, working platform) dry and clean. Even a single drop of water is going to completely ruin your pickle.
  • Wash the mangoes thoroughly, soak them overnight, dry them with a clean dry cloth, de seed them, cut them into 1 inch cubes using dry clean knife, spread them on a large clean dry cloth and keep them in sun for an hour. You may even spread the cut mango pieces under a fan for an hour, in case you don’t find sunlight. I usually dry my mango pieces under the fan and i have found it working well. This is to reduce the moisture present in the mangoes. After an hour, you will find that the size of the mango cubes has reduced a bit.
  • I usually de-seed the mangoes while cutting them to small bite size as it becomes easier to consume that way. You may skip de-seeding your mangoes.
  • Use only mustard oil. Cook it to its smoking point, switch off the flame and let it cool down to room temperature. This cooked oil is then used in pickle.
  • I have dry roasted a few spices and then coarsely ground them. You may even skip grinding the spices as many people like the pickle masala to be chunkier but dry roasting them is important.
  • Mix the ground roasted spices with cooked mustard oil first and then mix it thoroughly with cut dried raw mango pieces in a large wide mouth container.
  • Put this mixture in a clean dry jar. Keep on pressing the pickle mixture with a spoon to tightly fill the jar. Keep the jar as it is or in sun for 3-4 days covering it with a clean dry cloth. After that, add more cooked mustard oil to completely immerse the contents of the jar in the oil. Your pickle is ready to consume.
  • Use only glass/ceramic jar for storing the pickle. Wash it properly with hot water, dry it with a clean cloth and then keep it in sun or in microwave for some time to make sure that no moisture is left in the jar.
  • Always use clean dry spoon to consume the pickle.
  • I have written the recipe for 5 kg of mangoes. You may use lesser or more quantity and proportionately modify the quantities of all other ingredients.


  • Raw mango (Ramkela variety) – 5 kg
  • Salt – 600 g
  • Fennel seeds(big) – 250 g
  • Fenugreek seeds – 250 g
  • Nigella seeds – 125 g
  • Turmeric powder – 125 g
  • Red chilli powder (Deghi mirch) – 125 g
  • Mustard oil (cooked to smoking point and then cooled down to room temperature) – 1 cup to coat the spices + extra to immerse the pickle


  • Wash the raw mangoes thoroughly and soak them overnight.
  • Then dry them completely using a clean dry cloth, de seed them and cut them in small bite sized or 1 inch sized cubes.
  • Spread the cut pieces on a clean dry cloth piece and keep them to dry further for an hour either in sun or under fan.
  • Meanwhile, dry roast fennel seeds and fenugreek seeds for a minute or so, just to remove any moisture. Let them cool down and then coarsely grind them in a grinder. Nigella seeds should neither be roasted nor ground.
  • Now mix the coarsely ground spices with salt, turmeric powder, nigella seeds, red chilli powder and 1 cup of cooked & cooled down mustard oil in a big wide mouthed container. The oil should be enough to bind the spices together. The container should be big enough to accomodate all the cut mango pieces.
  • After 1 hour of drying the mango pieces in sun or in fan, add them to the prepared spice-mustard oil mix. Mix the mangoes well using your hands.
  • Make sure to use each and every thing completely dry and clean, including your hands, all the utensils even the knife, mixing container, storage jars, spices etc everything.
  • The pickle is ready to be put into clean and dry storage jars but not yet ready to be consumed.
  • Put the pickle mix in the jar by pressing it down tightly with a spatula or a spoon. Fill 75% of the jar, keeping the rest of the space for the mustard oil to be added after 3-4 days.
  • Keep the pickle mix in the jar either in sun or inside the house covered with a clean dry cloth for 3-4 days.
  • After 3-4 days, add cooked & cooled down mustard oil to the brim of the jar to completely immerse the pickle in the oil.
  • Your pickle is ready and can be stored for years. All you have to do is use a clean dry spoon only while consuming it. ‘Khao aur sab ko khilao!’
Pickle ready to be consumed

‘Cooking for our loved ones with love!’