Cakes are something I am fond of baking since my school days when we used to have that big traditional electric oven at our home. Getting a good sponge in an eggless cake at home used to be a challenge. I used to search for such good eggless recipes. But the fact is that all the recipes are good enough to get a good sponge in an eggless cake. All we have to do is to keep a few things in mind while baking it.

While baking a cake one has to keep in mind that the quantities of the ingredients to be used have to be absolutely the same as told in the recipe.Also, There is no need to beat the whole batter for long. The dry ingredients and the wet ones should be mixed separately and finally both are to mixed together and then baked. The wet ingredients need to be whisked really well for long to make a good sponge in the cake. And the dry ones need to be gently turned in the wet mix using cut & fold method. Baking soda and baking powder should be as fresh as possible. I mean they should not be the ones which are gonna be expired soon. The Baking time depends on the size and depth of the dish. We have to check whether the cake is fully baked or not using a knitting needle or a knife. If the knife comes out sticking with the batter then bake the cake further else, give it some resting time before finally cutting it.

I am gonna share one of the many recipes I have tried till now. This one I got from my younger brother who is fond of cooking as well and is a much better cook than me.

Ingredients: (1 cup=250ml)

Condensed milk- 3/4 cup or 1/2 tin                                            Sugar-3 tbsp

Whole wheat flour- 1 cup                                                           Vanilla essence- 2 tsp

Maida- 1/2 cup                                                                           Cocoa powder- 1 tbsp

Baking powder- 2 tsp                                                                 Milk- 1 cup

Baking soda- 1 tsp                                                                     Cherries- 1/2 cup

Oil- 1/3 cup                                                                                 Walnuts- 1/3 cup


Condensed milk you may get from the market or you can even prepare it at home as I did using 1 cup milk powder, 2/3 cup sugar, 1/4 cup butter and 1/2 cup water. Boil the water and mix butter in it. Grind the sugar along with milk powder and then add the butter water mix to it and again churn these together in a grinder to make 1 tin of condensed milk. In this recipe we need to use 1/2 a tin.


Now to make the batter for the cake sieve together whole wheat flour, maida, baking powder, and baking soda and keep these aside. In a separate mixing bowl, take some warm milk and  mix sugar, condensed milk and oil in it. Whisk these really well for long. Then add the dry ingredients i.e. wheat flour, maida, baking powder, baking soda mix except cocoa powder, cherries and walnuts to the batter slowly part by part and gently mix the batter using cut & fold method till the whole batter gets a fine consistency. Also add vanilla essence.

Now separate out one-third portion of the batter and mix the cocoa powder along with the walnuts to this one-third part using cut & fold method.

To the rest of two-third part, add the cherries. Sprinkle some dry maida on the cherries before mixing these in the batter so that they don’t sink to the bottom in the cake.

Now grease a baking dish with some butter or oil first and then sprinkle some maida over it. Pour half of the vanilla cherries batter first in the baking dish,

20150521_131431 20150521_131657

over it pour the cocoa batter and


finally pour the vanilla cherries batter again. You need to dab the dish few times before putting it in the oven to help the air inside the batter to be released. Microwave it uncovered on full power for 5 to 6 mins and then bake it in convection mode for 20-25 mins at 180 degrees.

Using a knife check whether the cake is fully baked or not as explained above. And when it is fully baked, give some resting time of half an hour to it in the oven itself. Then, using a knife separate out the sides of the cake from the dish and then place a flat plate on the top of the baking dish and bring the whole dish upside down so that the plate is now over the working slab and the baking dish over it. Now dab dab the plate a few times and your cake will separate out from the baking dish neatly.

And here you are ready with an awesome marble layer cake 🙂

DSC03817 DSC03808

Cooking for our loved ones with love……….!