Me and my husband are not fond of sweets but my little daughter is having a fairly strong sweet tooth just like her daadi and naanu. Last week I was having some surplus milk and was bored of making the usual cottage cheese with it. So I decided to prepare mawa instead. I roasted my mawa well. Around 1 litre of full fat milk yielded approximately 100g of well roasted mawa, which I later used to prepare coconut laddus. One of my elder sister-in-law usually prepares really yummy coconut laddus and taking inspiration from her I tried them but with a few changes here and there trying to make them a bit healthier. I added jaggery instead of sugar which turned the laddus darker in shade unlike the ones’ my sis-in-law prepares. Also I roasted my mawa to brown colour which further imparted dark colour to my laddus.20150409_12084520150409_120903

I took equal amount (not by weight but by volume) of well roasted mawa and grated coconut. Firstly roast the mawa for a few minutes and then add grated coconut to it. Now roast these two together for a few more minutes.20150409_12093320150409_121632

Then add crushed dry fruits (almonds, cashews) along with raisins and green cardamom powder to the mixture. I usually add dry fruits to my food in crushed or powdered form coz of my daughter as she does not like to have them and I, anyhow, have to make sure that she eats them. 🙂 In the picture above you can see clockwise grated coconut for coating, Powdered dry fruits, chironji, and raisins  along with powdered green cardamom in the center.

Turn off the gas and let the mixture cool down. After that add powdered sugar / powdered jaggery according to your taste to the cooled down mixture. I prefer to add powdered jaggery as it has been considered healthier. Also make sure to add the powdered jaggery / sugar only after the mixture has cooled down else the jaggery will melt down in the mixture making it sticky and difficult to work on. I did this mistake once and had to keep my laddus in refrigerator for some time before consuming. 😉

Finally coat the laddus with grated coconut and garnish them with raisins and serve chilled.


Preparing something for your loved ones with love……