My husband is really a very biiiig wala foodie..he loves to eat..He actually inspires me to cook good food with a difference which in turn has inspired me to share these cooking experiences of mine with the world as well through my blogs.
This, being my first ever blog, will remain close to me forever.
I usually prepare mixed vegetable at home with the basic onion tomato garlic ginger wali recipe. But today I prepared the same recipe with a little difference and it really turned out to be yummy.
What I did was just adding a Masala mix prepared with grated coconut,shahi jeera and white sesame seeds. I just dry roasted 1 tsp of shahi jeera first, then added 1 table spoon of white sesame seeds and finally 1/4th cup of grated coconut to it. I roasted these till they turn a bit brown, let them cool down and ground them in a blender. And that’s it..This is the Masala that is really gonna make difference to ur mixed veg dish..just add it to your veggie when it is 75% done if cooking in a kadhai or add it just before you are gonna close the lid if cooking in a pressure cooker…
Cooking for your loved one’s with a difference!
Do share your experiences as well..